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Learn the exciting martial art of TaeKwon-Do in a safe and friendly environment at the Clapham & Tooting schools of TaeKwon-Do. Known for its amazing kicks, Taekwon-Do enables you to gain fitness, flexibility and a means to help defend yourself.

New members are always welcome. The School teach children (ages 5 and above) and adults of all ages and levels of fitness. All you need to start is some loose sport clothing, so why not come and try TaeKwon-Do for yourself.

The school instructor, Mr Snelders 6th Dan, has over 20 years teaching experience providing students with expert tuition on training, patterns and sparring.


Courtesy – Treat others with the respect that you expect to receive yourself. If you do treat other people with respect and courtesy and you will receive it in return. If you were rude to strangers what would they do to you? Be rude back? Yes, at the very least. If you are courteous to people what do you think they do in return? Isn’t life far simpler if we all get on and are not constantly at odds with one another. Courtesy and respect are the first steps towards this. Try it. Ask for something and watch the response. Try again and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and see how people are far more helpful.