The school was established in Tooting over 30 years ago under the watchful eye of Master Sangha 8th Dan, who has been the instructor to over 200 black belts. Mr Snelders 6th Dan was honoured to take over the task.

The Clapham school was established in 1997 by Mr Snelders 6th Dan. Since then it has grown in size and reputation with well over 100 having registered. Being probably the only club to have 4 female black belts graded at one time, it is known for its equal mix of both male and female participants.

Over the years hundreds of students have trained at the school, with many going on to obtain their black belts. The school has also had many students compete in various competitions in the UK, Europe and the World. The school currently has students of all ages (ranging from 5 years old to people in their 50’s), genders and abilities, including family groups.

The Clapham & Tooting school is part of the British United TaeKwon-Do Federation (BUTF), the UK’s premier TaeKwon-Do organisation.

As a BUTF school, all our instructors are highly trained, fully qualified and certified. The Federation demands the highest possible standards from its Instructors. All BUTF schools are fully licensed and insured and operate within a strict code of conduct.