Mr Snelders VI Dan – Instructor13062132_10208465986102938_7460872531668333669_n

I took my first TaeKwon-Do lesson at the end of 1982 in Leicester. From that moment on I was hooked. I still stand by the fact that it was the level of tuition and not the art that first drew me back time and time again. But after a few weeks I realised how incredible TKD could be, and what a personal challenge it was to persevere no matter how small the steps were in my progress.

After a few years break, due to education and then touring around with my work, I 24032012119settled in south London and began to look for a suitable school. In 1992, after being disappointed by 4 different clubs, I met with Master Sangha then a 4th degree. Through Master Sangha and the BUTF (British United TaeKwon-Do Federation) I found the levels of knowledge and commitment to a true martial art, that I remain thankful for.

Now as a 6th degree black belt, having won many medals and competed at home and abroad, I set my sights on what can be achieved by our school. The learning never stops and if the joy I get at teaching continues, I consider myself a very lucky man!!




Assistant Instructors

We are also very lucky to have some amazing and inspriring assistant Instructors:

Mr Darko IVDan, Mr Harrison III Dan, , Mr Yousuf II Dan, Ms Naik II Dan, Mr Piasecki I Dan.