Clapham & Tooting schools of TaeKwon-Do train in the traditional method of the art as taught by Grandmaster Choy IX (Master of Masters), both physically and mentally.

We welcome people of all faiths, genders & nationalities so why not come along & try TaeKwon Do for yourself.




It doesn’t matter how old you are, 8 years old – 80 years old, all you need to start TaeKwon-Do is some loose clothing and a positive attitude.

Can’t do the splits or run around the block? Don’t worry, no one can when they first start but once you have made your mind up to step through the doors of the dojo, a fun and exhilarating journey begins.

Our instructors and students (adults, children, male & female) will make you feel most welcome and you will find yourself getting fitter and more confident with every class you take. You will enjoy learning techniques, patterns and sparring in a safe, fun and friendly dojang.


Once you reach senior level, you are expected to take your training more seriously though if you make it this far you will want to naturally.

Seniors are classified as green belts and above as this is where the foundation of TaeKwon-Do has been laid and you are now ready to start progressing towards the senior belts and hopefully the ultimate goal of a black belt.

senior blue


We are a female friendly club and have a number of ladies and girls who train at the club and in fact were one of the first schools to grade four female black belts at one time.


Our men work and train hard, TaeKwon-Do is the ultimate all over body workout so forget the tedium of the gym and develop speed, agility and strength while having fun.


Training as a family unit is a brilliant way to bond with your child and at Clapham and Tooting a number of families enjoy learning TaeKwon-Do together.

1 in 100 males and 1 in 200 females gain the elusive black belt.
Will that someone be you?